New health results:

CS Bella Birbante "Liina": eyes clear (mild distichiasis), patellas and heart OK. 

CS Avrei Zampe d'Orsa "Zeta": eyes clear. Zeta's patellas and heart are examined earlier and both were OK. 


We have now the first homebred champion. Zeta (CS Avrei Zampe d'Orsa) won her last CAC in Helsinki Winner Show and became FI CH and Helsinki Winner -14 at the same time. During the year Zeta is professionally handled by our friend Jenni Heikkinen. Thank you Jenni!

Thank you Kuvauksellista Photography for all your lovely photos! 

We have nice year 2014 behind us and hopefully even better 2015 in front of us. We are planning our third litter, see more at Puppies-page


We received the results of the new storage disease gene which was discovered by Helsinki and Bern universities. The results are:
Jack, normal
Etrusca, normal
Morchella, normal
And because Fi&EE CH Nunki (the father of our A-litter) and Cico (the father of our B-litter) are also normal, all lagottos bred by us are also normal by parentage:
Come Se Balla Coi Lupi (tested)
Come Se Brilla Al Sole
Cpme Se Bella Birbante (tested)
Come Se Biancheggia Il Mar
Come Se Borbotta Il Caffè (tested)
Come Se Brezza Serale
Now we have MyDogDNA health passes for all of our lagottos and also for the latest litter (B-litter).
Etrusca is mated, we will hopefully have puppies in October. More info in puppy page!
Zeta was in mental description in August at the age of 18 months, see video here. We are extremely happy especially of her playfullness and reactions to gunshots. She was the 4th lagotto in Finland who had the result 1 (scale 1-5) from gunshots in MH.
In April we got an important addition to our family when Nube (Mighty Monegat's Ferdinando Fern) arrived from Switzerland. He is an outcross from the important bloodlines but he also has two great working males (Iork, Buk) as his grandfathers. We are happy to co-operate with his wonderful breeder Anna Monegat from kennel Mighty Monegat's. Now Nube is preliminary X-rayed with great results. Now we practise obedience and truffle searching with him and plan some shows for the future.
During this summer we participated to dog school with Zeta and Nube, went to some shows and we also gathered together in Tammela for kennel meeting. It was a lovely summer with all friends and now we prepare for puppy time.
Three lagottos from A-litter is x-rayed and results are:
Come Se Avresti Scelto Me "Toda" HD B/A ED 0/0
Come Se Avrei Una Marsina "Lilli" HD A/A ED 0/0 PL 0/1
Come Se Avrei Zampe d'Orsa "Zeta" HD C/B ED 0/0 PL 0/0 heart: no murmur
Also Chicabeams Santuzza "Peppi" is x-rayed and her results are HD B/B ED 0/0 PL 0/0.
Congratulations to all and thanks for the owners for the activity!! 
We got very nice official health results for Pucci, Rossi, Cico and Sera. You can find all results and x-rays from Dogs-page.  
A week ago Cico (Lucarelli) found and dug up a truffle genus mushroom on a morning-walk in a forest. We are very happy because this is lagottos' main work.
Morchella (Lucarelli) has found the same species of mushrooms earlier this summer. Well done youngsters!!! 
Etrusca, the mother of Come Se A-litter, became Finnish Champion today! 


The first litter of kennel Come Se was born 25th of January. One male and three females.
Here are the names of the puppies:
Come Se Avresti Scelto Me
Come Se Avrei Freccia Avanti
Come Se Avrei Una Marsina
Come Se Avrei Zampe d'Orsa
And now we've got the new team member from Italy. This young italian male is called Cico. He lives also in Tampere and seems to be very friendly and sweet dog. Now he's learning to live in this big city.
Year 2011 was great in many ways. During last year we got three new Italian youngsters to our team; Molly (Zeb-Susy) and brothers Pucci and Rossi (Nano-Indi). You can find more information about them here. Thanks to their breeders Francesco and Daniele for selling these puppies to Finland! And thanks to Tanja, Jenni, Henni and Olli for taking good care of these little lagottos! 
In September 2011 Etrusca "Cara" got her first CAC from Keuruu speciality show and also in September FI CH BH OB1 OB2 Mandaraban Abracadabra "Sera" got 175 points from Finnish mental test. Sera also passed the basic rescue dog tests in September. To became an official rescue dog she has to pass two final tests. 
Hopefully this year is as good as the previous one. Right now we are expecting first Come Se-litter. We are also waiting for new team member. Hopefully everything goes like planned! 
Happy New Year 2012 to all our friends! See you in all kind of dog events!
Etrusca and Jack have participated in few shows this year. They both got two EXC in two shows. Their health results are excellent, too.
Etrusca (A/A, 0/0, eyes ok, BFJE normal)
Jack (B/A, 0/0, eyes ok, BFJE carrier)
Etrusca passed MH (mental description) and the results are quite nice. She is such a lovely little girl!
Few English updates after a while. Unfortunately Sera had a miscarriage few weeks before the due date and none of the puppies survived. Sera was spayed in December and now she continues her active life without puppy plans. Sera's only litter (in kennel Mandaraban) is now examined for hip dysplasia. The results are great:
f. Mandaraban Regina Della Sera A/A
f. Mandaraban Regina Misteriosa († 23.12.2010) A/A
f. Mandaraban Regina Serena B/B
m. Mandaraban Re Capitano Totti B/B
m. Mandaraban Re Del Colle A/A
m. Mandaraban Re Ricciuto A/A
Thanks for the families for your activity and good luck also for the future!
Photo: Mandaraban Regina Misteriosa "Misty" is at the Rainbow Bridge now. We all miss her so much.
Sera is now mated with Max. Puppies are expected to be born at the end of December. 
Sera's eyes were checked today and everything was fine.
Last week Sera took part in mental description (MH) and she did well! Results will appear into KoiraNet in few months.
Sera got her third I-prize from obedience trial (open class) so she has earned the marking OB2 to her achievements. Well done Sera! 
Unfortunately Sera has no idea how to behave during the awards ceremony.. 
5/6 of Sera's puppies are examined for HD and results are 4 x A/A and 1 x B/B. Congratulations!
Cara is x-rayed for HD and ED. The official statement is A/A and 0/0. You can find the x-ray from [Our dogs].
Cara was shown in Tampere international dog show. Here are the critics (Swedish):
Mycket tilltalande junior. Utmärkt huvud och uttryck. Bra över och underlinje. Välvinklad fram. Borde vara mer vinklad bak. Bra steg längd fram ngt bunden bak. Mycket hög svans. Bra päls. Härlig energi.

Etrusca "Cara" participated in Helsinki Winner and Nordic Winner 2009 shows. Here are the critics:

Good substance. Beautiful head. Medium long neck. Normal topline. Good angulations. Typical coat. Good colour.

1 year. Good size & coat. Feminine. Correct teeth & neck. Strong in front, light in body. Suff. strong in the back, also in movement.