Welcome to Come Se website! 

My name is Terhi Järvenpää and I'm a small-scale breeder of Italian lagotto romagnolo dogs. My family consists of me, my husband Jussi and three dogs. We live in a small city called Kangasala, about 20 minutes from Tampere. More info about Kangasala you can find [here].

Our goal is to maintain the gene variation, working abilities and good health in this ancient breed. We believe in honest and open discuss and co-operation between breeders all over the world. But still every dog is an important family member and we want to offer each one of them a good active life. This is why we also have dogs living with their co-owner families. Our females that are suitable for breeding will have one or in special cases max two litters during their lifetime.

Our dogs live inside our home. Puppies are born in our bedroom and after 2-3 weeks they move to our living room but then they also have an access to every room in our home. They are surrounded by the normal life of the family. Puppies are fed with high quality dry food & meat and they are microchipped and checked by a vet before moving to their new families. They are socialized well, used to explore different places. Our puppies will be sold only as a pets to families that are willing to teach and train them and take a good care of them for the rest of their lives. We hope that every puppy will be officially x-rayed before 18 months of age and also mental tested (MH or character test) before 4 years of age. 

These pages are written in Finnish but don't hesitate to ask for more information via e-mail. 

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